Weekly round-up: All you need to know about tech & media this week


Read these articles to stay in the know on the most important tech and media trends.

(1) The tech set’s summer season: how to find the Uber or Net-a-porter: An interesting piece on how tech investments are being made and how conference migration patterns look like.

(2) Mark Zuckerberg has thoughts on the future of news on Facebook: Well, that’s how Facebook will be developing its content strategy. Media publishers should pay attention.

(3) How Television Won the Internet: “The fundamental recipe for media success, in other words, is the same as it used to be: a premium product that people pay attention to and pay money for. Credit cards, not eyeballs”.

(4) Hands on with Apple Music: One music library to rule them all: First look at Apple Music – does Spotify have a chance?

(5) Google Launches A New Home For Journalists With “News Lab”: Now journalists can find all useful Google services in one place.

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