DLD Munich: The future of data safety

Each and everyone of us is vulnerable when it comes to our digital lives. Digital safety was a highly discussed topic at the DLD conference in Munich this week. “Our personal data is the new oil”, said the founder of Michael Fertik. Here’re the most important statements on the future of digital safety.

Rod Beckstrom (@RodBeckstrom), former Director of US national cybersecurity center: “There’s a shared vulnerability that we all have. The Internet was architected not for security, it was designed for openness and information sharing. The problem with the transparency is that anything networked can be hacked and everything is being networked. Therefore, everything is vulnerable. Anyone in the world can tale a keyboard and launch an attack after writing a code or a script”. 


Frank Rieger (@frank_rieger), Chaos Computer Club: “Business models need to foster closed user groups. We need encryption everywhere. We need EU law that forces cooperation, so that companies tell customers what data they have and what the results of information processing are”.


Michael Fertik (@michaelfertik), founder of “Data is the new oil – our personal data. There’re two possible futures – be a data serf (when our data is exploited) or be a data landlord (know your data and monetize it). Your personal data is the hottest asset in the world right now. We need to finally create enough awareness and attention. The rise of Snapchat proves there’s a massive appetite for private communications. 400 million snaps a day – we now know there’s a market for privacy technology”.


To learn how to protect yourself from data thieves and surveillance, tune in to DW’s panel on digital safety for journalists on January 23. Have a look at this Storify with more statements on digital security.

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