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Some time ago  I noticed I come across so many really good visualizations but I never remember where to find them once I surf on. Though there’re a couple of visualization catalogues which provide a good overview of news visualizations, little thought is given to why this ir that form of visualization was chosen or how…

Giorgia Lupi: “Visual designs should balance convention and novelty”

“Nobels no degrees” by Accurat

Information designer Giorgia Lupi, founder and design director at Accurat looks for visual metaphors in music notations and architectural drawings. Her goal is to replicate that “digested beauty” in composition with data and find the right balance between innovative approaches and conventional visual keys. In this interview, Giorgia told us about her workflows and the works she is especially proud…

DLD Munich: The future of data safety


Each and everyone of us is vulnerable when it comes to our digital lives. Digital safety was a highly discussed topic at the DLD conference in Munich this week. “Our personal data is the new oil”, said the founder of Michael Fertik. Here’re the most important statements on the future of digital safety. Rod…