Jeff Jarvis on the future of media: Journalism as a service

What are the most important media trends and how can media evolve in the new digital reality? I’ve asked Jeff Jarvis, one of the most influential media experts, about the future of media and what journalists should urgently do right now.

“We are in the infancy of figuring out what the internet is”

Journalism is shifting from the idea of making content to the idea that it’s a service, Jeff says. And the media is just at the beginning of figuring out what the internet really is and how to use it.

Journalism has always been about building relationships with people – now we have to go even further and finally get to know the users and their needs. “From the journalistic perspective, we’re going to create more products and services that are targeted to people. At places like Vox, you see small teams making new products – that’s how it should be”.

Journalists should create new platforms to serve user needs

As Jeff wrote in his book “Geeks Bearing Gifts: Imagining New Futures for News”, journalists have to think of ways to bring communities together so that they do what they want to do: “First watch what the community’s needs are and then bring them the values of journalism”.

Starting small new products and businesses

Journalists should also start to think of serving smaller groups of people with higher value more relevantly. One of the ways might be to invest in new businesses, for example enabling journalists out of journalism school to create a new venture and then invest in it. Young journalists shouldn’t become just employees, but rather true entrepreneurs: this is one of the ways big publishing houses can take advantage of the creativity of young people.

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