Collection of the best World Cup data visualizations

Let’s have a look at some of the best data journalism and multimedia pieces around the soccer World Cup in Brazil produced by the newsrooms around the world.

CartoDB/ Twitter: How Germany v Portugal played out on Twitter

Geotagged Tweets mentioning key terms around the World Cup game are shown on a timeline.



Bloomberg: World Cup predictions & results



WSJ: The World Cup of everything else

Good idea with a high chance to spread virally: Let’s compare World Cup participants in different ways.



Emil Johansson: Visualization of age, height and weight of players in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

A look at the teams in a new way: do physical parameters define the performance on the field?


NYT: The clubs that connect the World Cup

I also mentioned this visualization along with other new forms of digital storytelling in this post.


The Upshot: 984 ways the United States can advance to the next round of the World Cup

Great data analysis with a lot of value. More on digital storytelling formats from the New York Times here.


Source: Where do World Cup players come from? 



The Washington Post: A field too far? 

Which teams have to travel the farthest to play?

Снимок экрана 2014-07-12 в 16.47.44

Yahoo: Data World Cup



You will find other examples of data-driven and multimedia World Cup coverage here:

Datenjournalist: Blog by Lorenz Matzat

– OnMedia: Creative Ways of World Cup storytelling

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