Freeware: Must-have tools that don’t cost a cent

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There’s a lot of freeware and open-source software available on the web these days. However, there’s an often held belief that free software isn’t as good as commercial programs. Of course, you should always pay attention to the functionality of the freeware you plan to install. Although there are free alternatives to complete almost every…

Interview: How secure is Skype?


In many countries, journalists are confronted with security problems. We are starting a series of posts devoted to digital security. We will cover such issues as messaging services, IP address and how you can change it, how you can make yourself anonymous on the web and much more. For this post, we have interviewed Fabian…

Бесплатный софт: 10 программ для журналистов

Бесплатных программ со свободным исходным кодом в интернете хватает. Другой вопрос – какие из них достойно могут заменить профессиональный софт от известных компаний. Мы протестировали программы, которые имеет смысл попробовать без сожаления о потраченном времени.