DLD Munich: The future of data safety


Each and everyone of us is vulnerable when it comes to our digital lives. Digital safety was a highly discussed topic at the DLD conference in Munich this week. “Our personal data is the new oil”, said the founder of Michael Fertik. Here’re the most important statements on the future of digital safety. Rod…

How to protect your Android device from hackers

Graphic: flickr/greyweed

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide and that makes it a tempting target for makers of malicious software. In fact, new reports come out disturbingly frequently about Android security holes, and the lion’s share of malware appears to be made for Android devices. So what’s a journalist using this operating system…

How to protect yourself from hackers

Photo – Fotolia/Amir Kaljikovic

Journalists and media organizations are increasingly being targeted by hackers. This is why it’s essential to have an understanding of how hackers can break into your accounts and your system and what you can do to protect yourself. Tips from security expert Amir Alsbih. How easy is for hackers to get access to your computer?…

Your browser’s ‘fingerprints’ and how to reduce them


Those concerned about online security have likely already checked their browser’s “Do-not-track-me” option or installed add-ons like Ghostery that make it hard for cookies to crumb up their computers. But these days, that’s not enough. Websites can still easily identified you. Digital fingerprinting is when websites digitally mine your browser for information to learn about you and…

Top 20 digital security terms you should know


SSL, PGP, VPN… If you feel bewildered and keep asking yourself what it all means, check out our essential glossary of digital security terms. Here’s a short list of terms you should know. We’ve used sources such as Tactical Technolgy Collective,  PC Tools and WatchGuard to tell you exactly what’s what. Backdoor – a hole in a computer system’s security structure…

12 essential tips for more privacy online

Digital security tools

What are the basic steps you need to undertake to be more secure in the digital world? The Tactical Technology Collective, an organisation dedicated to the use of information in activism, offers useful guides on secure alternatives for standard software for browsing, searching the web, writing emails and chatting. It has also compiled a great collection of tools and…