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Big data & deutsche Datenjournalisten

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Das Thema “Big Data” kocht hoch. Neulich sind ein paar Bücher zu dem Thema auf den Markt gekommen, wer nach deutschsprachiger Literatur sucht, ist allerdings oft enttäuscht. Vor ein paar Monaten ist allerdings ein Buch “Das Ende des Zufalls” vom österreichischen Medienmanager Rudi Klausnitzer erschienen,  das sich mit dem Thema “Big Data” publizistisch auseinandersetzt. Das Buch würde…

Data journalism resources

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If you are into data journalism, check out this crowdsourced list of data journalism sites and blogs. You can also add new entries yourself. Here’s an announcement on the Data Driven Journalism website. I find this list extremely useful because it provides a global perspective on data journalism including such great blogs as this one…

Scraping: Import tables from websites

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If you need to import a table from a website a don’t have enough time and patience to copy and paste table contents, there’re two simple solutions. Use Google Docs Open or create a new spreadsheet in Google Docs and type in the following function: =importHTML (“URL”;”table”;1) where 1 = first table on the page. That means,…

School of Data Journalism 2013 in Perugia

School of data journalism in Perugia

Data journalists all over the world, unite! Between 24-28 April, the European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation are organising the School of data Journalism in Perugia, Italy. The School of Data Journalism will be the part of  International Journalism Festival. More details and registration here. Panel discussions:  1. The State of Data Journalism in…

How to evaluate infographics

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I’ve just taken an online course “Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization” offered by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and directed by Alberto Cairo who teaches Information Graphics and Visualization at the School of Communication at the University of Miami. The course was a great start into the world of visual storytelling. I would encourage everyone to…