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Winning project

In order to boost innovation and encourage new strategies about news presentation, the Global Editors Network (GEN) and Russian news agency RIA Novosti held a Hackday on Dec. 10-11 in Moscow. Called “Hack the Newsroom,” the event brought together three-person teams made up of an editor or journalist, a developer and a designer from national and regional…

Gregor Aisch: ‘Journalists need to overcome their fear of hackers’

Gregor Aisch. Courtesy of Gregor Aisch,

Interactive visualizations and infographics are gaining popularity in the media. More and more journalists get interested in doing data-driven stories on their own or with help of developers. So what do aspiring data journalists need to know, what do they need to keep in mind when working with developers, how much programming do journalists actually need…

GED Viz/ DataWrapper: Visualising unemployment

Chart4_GED Visualizer_2

As unemployment rates in euro area soar, Germany becomes a popular destination for immigrants in Europe Unemployment rates in the European Union are soaring. Due to the lasting economic recession, more and more people, especially in the Southern Europe, are left without jobs. According to the EU’s statistics agency Eurostat, the average unemployment rate in…

5 things aspiring data journalists need to know

Data journalism

So you decided data journalism is something you’d like to spend a couple of next years on. Before you embark on this journey, here’re five things every aspiring data journalist needs to know. Data journalism means you need to be tech savvy. Which means, you’ll need to work hard, much harder as in “normal” text journalism. Data…

Three links of the week


This week, there’re three links on data journalism I found useful: Data experts help expose offshore leaks: “The unprecedented research brought together media outlets from 46 countries which set themselves to check the data”. The absurdly illustrated guide to your first dynamic, data driven timeline: Don’t miss this guide! A useful video for data journalism…