Burda Hackday: Prototyping the future of finance

This weekend, the third Burda Hackday (topic: Future of Finance) which I was responsible for took place in Munich – again, a lot of learnings for the next hackathons and a lot of fun! I will later publish a post with some tips for hackathon organizers, but this time I’d just concentrate on the winning projects.


To sum up: I was impressed by the sheer number of good ideas and the quality of hacks. This was the biggest hackathon I’ve organized so far, with 100 participants and 25 hacks. You can see all projects here. And here’re the winners:

ShareX Flights

ShareX Flights

1 place: ShareX Flights – platform to trade flight tickets like stock options on an open market place, bringing together the different interests of carriers, travellers and investors. This is it: A platform which can disrupt a billion dollar business.

Make Bank

Make Bank

2 place: Make Bank – let users see their expences and offer recommendaions on the possible saving potential (“If you stop buying coffee in the morning and instead buy a coffee machine, you will be able to save 3%”).

Storte Brokr

Storte Brokr

3 place: StorteBrokr – don’t ask me where the name comes from, but the idea is quite simple: open your account and start trading immidiately, without a complicated verification process. Get notified about important events and company news and act upon them immidiately.


We also had API prizes and some special prizes. Here’s a short overview.

figo API prize: #more – add more userful, value adding tags to bank transactions and self-learning tagging algorithm

gini API prize: Robo.Tax – save taxes and time on your tax declaration.

Paymill API prize: Dimebox – your personal penny bank in the cloud.

Finanzen100 API prize: StorteBrokr again! API prize: Dimebox again + Puls’ation – track your calories burning and to switch them to a voucher or for competitions or donations.

And here’re the winners of two special prizes: Robo.Tax again and BlitzPay.


We’ve had a great feedback so far, here’re some quotes which in my opinion clearly show what is important for the participants:

“My first hackathon and a really first atmosphere among people, not looking down at people who can’t code – maybe I’ll learn some coding now.”

“I liked every part of the hackathon. It was very well organized and well managed. Everything was on time and working properly”.

“It’s a great opportunity to connect coders and ideas”

It's me on the left :)

It’s me on the left :)

Feeling happy :)


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