What will happen to the media 2015?


If you are still not sure what’s going to happen to the media this year, check out this predictions series by the Nieman Lab. My personal favourites are: Platform mindset: Platforms are about creating a solid starting point that can be a springboard for extension and further innovation. They factor out some of the messy details…

Silicon Valley: 10 Sachen, die deutsche Medienbranche dringend verstehen muss

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 21.42.20

Vor kurzem veröffentlichte Christoph Keese, Executive Vice President bei Axel Springer, das Buch “Silicon Valley”, wo er über seinen sechsmonatigen Aufenthalt in den USA erzählt. Das Buch sollte als “eye opener” für alle dienen, die es noch nicht begriffen haben, dass die Amerikaner uns Jahre voraus sind was den technologischen Fortschritt angeht. Auch die Medienbranche…

Interview with Bloomberg insider: How things work at Visual Data team


How can designers, developers and journalists collaborate to create stunning data journalism products? Do journalists need to code? And how does a typical workflow for Bloomberg data visualizations look like? Read this interview with Jeremy Scott Diamond, a data visualization specialist for the Bloomberg Visual Data team, and you will know the answers. Please tell…